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Resnick Sustainability Center

The Resnick Sustainability Center (RSC) is intended to be a modern, flexible research building capable of supporting and expanding the research work of the Resnick Sustainability Institute (RSI). It will initially host facilities for four of the RSI's research centers: 1) an Ecology and Biosphere Engineering Facility, 2) a Solar Science and Catalysis Center, 3) a Remote Sensing Center, and 4) a Translational Science Facility for pilot testing at scale. These support aspects of the RSI's core research initiatives: Sunlight to Everything; Climate Science; Water Resources; and Global Ecology and Biosphere Engineering. Operationally, the RSC is expected to be a high-performance building that supports research. The project is currently in the design development phase. Construction is projected to start in early 2022 with anticipated occupancy in 2024.